The Perlene is a place

to celebrate being ambitious womxn who make our own rules.

No apologies necessary. 

Membership Perks

Being a Perlena means having a connected community of womxn who have your back, love and support you, celebrate you, and hold you as your highest self. And of course, these fabulous perks.


Luxurious, peaceful 

space designed by womxn, celebrating femininity. Right in the heart of Portland. 


Complimentary snacks, Stumptown Coffee and Jasmine Pearl Tea by day. Natural wines and punch by night. Apéritif hosted every Friday.


The Rose Quartz Beauty Lounge with wellness products, luxury shower and cedar sauna. Massage appointments available Saturdays.


Unlimited classes taught by our brilliant members and outside experts, plus weekly business + career support sessions.


Get initiated into a House for an instant coterie of womxn to befriend.


Private social network for daily connection with Perlenas. Be here even when you're not here. 


Practice leadership by hosting your own classes and events. Find a mentor. Set big goals and meet them.


Special offers from member-owned businesses and local partners. 

Our Membership Options

The first year of membership is an annual commitment with the option to upgrade or downgrade once during the year. Find the membership that serves you best, and fill out an application! Not sure which is right for you? No problem. We'll talk it out during your interview.  

Social Membership

$200/MONTH, $2400 ANNUALLY

Our most popular membership level is designed for someone who is yearning for a community of ambitious womxn, new friends, social events + classes, a place to grow and work on creative projects, and dedicated time and space just for you. 

With this membership you get: 

  • Unlimited access to the clubhouse (outside of regular work hours: 9-5, M-F) via our secure digital door lock

  • Unlimited monthly classes + events, happening nearly every day

  • 2 day passes per month to work from The Perlene during work hours

  • Beauty Lounge with wellness + beauty products to enjoy from our favorite womxn-owned brands:
    • Alima Pure makeup 
    • Heart of Gold skincare
    • Floss Gloss nail polish

  • Unlimited use of infrared sauna and luxury shower, with towel service


  • Access to the Central Eastside Industrial District Transportation Wallet (valued at over $600, for just $99)

  • Access to and inclusion in Member Directory

  • Feminist Library stocked with books by womxn authors

  • Coming soon! Mini-Bar with local snacks and foods, and a natural Wine Bar, with glasses and bottles for purchase 

Business Membership

$350/MONTH, $4200 ANNUALLY

This level of membership is perfect for someone who wants a work community, business and career resources, and a space outside the home to work a few days a week. Get the magic of being in a beautiful, collaborative workspace with other powerful womxn.

This membership level includes everything in a Social Membership, plus:

  • 24/7 access to the clubhouse, for working or playing any time

  •  Open workspace with plants, natural light, and windows overlooking the city.

  • Variety of workspace options to sit, stand or lounge, depending on your mood

  • Stumptown coffee, Jasmine Pearl Tea Co. teas, and snacks included

  • Weekly business + career support to help you move forward faster

  • Unlimited access to reserve rooms for meetings & calls (up to 2 hours at a time)

  • Womxn-controlled thermostat

  • Curated playlists for productivity

  • Fast Wifi, printer and scanner, and communal office supplies

  • Use The Perlene as your business address, receive mail + packages here

  • Work around people who care about you and your success, know your name, and will say hello

Desk Membership

$500/MONTH, $6000 ANNUALLY

The desk membership level is ideal for professional womxn seeking a full-time dedicated space to work in our clubhouse. Our desks are the perfect daily "office" for your business, or remote work.  Desks are limited, and space is currently available

This membership level includes everything in Social and Business Memberships, plus:

  • A dedicated, adjustable-height desk all your own where you can run your empire

  • Space for your personal items, to really make it yours

  • Desk chair is provided, or you are welcome to bring in your own 

  • Quiet, no-music work area. Headphones are welcome in this space.

  • Take short calls at your desk, or have easy access to phone and meeting rooms

  • Abundant natural light in a serene atmosphere

  • Personal storage option to store your items (a locker or a rolling storage cart).

  • Plenty of electrical outlets for your monitors, chargers, and everything else

  • Bathroom shared with desk members, stocked with the necessities 

  • Bonus! Receive a $99 credit on your first month of membership for the cost of  a Transportation Wallet (valued at over $600). Take public transit! 

Our Dedication to Equity

We are committed to making The Perlene as accessible as possible. Because we know that wage inequity extends beyond the gender gap, we offer a wage disparity correction for womxn who are members of statistically disadvantaged or marginalized communities. Currently, we offer $50 off any monthly membership, during the first year of membership, for new members who identify as black, brown, trans, and/or nonbinary, who are making less than $50k annually. If you are eligible for the wage disparity correction, please indicate this in your application. 

No other verification is required, your word is enough. 


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