Our Values


We believe that acknowledging and celebrating our wins is just as important as achieving them. Life is not just about the hustle… we make it a top priority to celebrate each other for who we are and everything we accomplish. We share in each others wins as if they were our own and celebrate our collective magnificence each and every day.


We cherish the unique expression of every Perlena.  We are proud to be a diverse group of womxn who are unafraid to speak up, be heard and show the world our true selves.  We encourage Expression in all forms, and hold a judgement-free space to create, discover, and express ourselves.


Everything we do and are is rooted in Love.  By leading, acting, and speaking from Love, we create space for vulnerability, trust, and empathy.  We know that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, and will propel us forward to a better world.



Beauty is essential.  Beauty reminds us that life is fleeting, and we must slow down and appreciate every moment.  Beauty is an act of resistance in a world that diminishes femininity, softness, and the ethereal. Beauty is the sweetness of life.

Love &

Community & Integrity


Community gives us the courage to be greater than we are alone.  This is our village. We come together in times of crisis and celebration, we raise each other up, and we know we are stronger together.  We reject loneliness and embrace connection. We are the family we’ve always needed.


We do what we say, and we say what we’ll do. We value honesty, solidarity, and healthy boundaries. We know that Integrity is what keeps this ship afloat, makes it all work, and is the foundation for a healthy community.


Power does not come from a job title, money, or position.  We claim the Power that comes from within. The source of our drive, bravery, and conviction.  Our Power cannot be taken away by anything outside of ourselves, and only grows in the presence of other Powerful womxn.  We magnify and awaken the Power within each other.


We are committed to women living Prosperous lives full of joy, satisfaction, and well-being.  Prosperity is not all about money... but we want money, too. Prosperity is the about living a life of plenty.  We deserve a wealth of love, a luxurious amount of support, and success to match our wildest dreams.

Houses of Value

Every member is initiated into a House upon joining The Perlene, through a magical Sorting Ceremony. Houses plan monthly get-togethers to encourage friendship and merrymaking. The Sorting Ceremony is a hallowed tradition and involves our all-knowing Sorting Flower Crown and a delightful surprise!

Celebration & Expression

Power & Prosperity

House Leadership

Love & Beauty

Rita Tiwari

Jayme Rabenberg

Celebration & Expression

Marilyn Melendez

Erin Nilles

Community & Integrity

Sarah Giffrow

Kat Schwartz

Power & Prosperity

Chelsea Williams

Jennifer Weed


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