We've all been there.
Middle of the night, existential crisis in full swing, asking yourself "who am I in this world?" - "why am I like this?" - "what is my purpose?". Sweating, anxious, maybe a little wine-drunk. Wishing that there was some sort of cosmic guidebook for how the hell to do this thing called "LIFE".
Sound familiar?

Using your individual birth chart and other mystic methods, Kiki will explain the set of tools and strengths you were born into this life with. You will get to know yourself on a deeper level, get help answering some of those pesky middle-of-the-night questions, and feel empowered to make choices more in alignment with your deepest self. You will understand your inherent divine purpose and personal path, and how they can support your desires in this modern world. Fall in love with your own nature and move forward with clarity and focus, knowing you are supported by the cosmos and your own personal High Priestess.

Cosmic Coaching

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