We've all been there.
Middle of the night, existential crisis in full swing, asking yourself "who am I in this world?" - "why am I like this?" - "what is my purpose?". Sweating, anxious, maybe a little wine-drunk. Wishing that there was some sort of cosmic guidebook for how the hell to do this thing called "LIFE".
Sound familiar?


We've all been there.  It's normal. And, Kiki can help. 

Using your astrological birth chart, Kiki will explain the set of tools and strengths you were born into this life with. You will get to know yourself on a deeper level, get help answering some of those pesky middle-of-the-night questions, and feel empowered to make choices more in alignment with your deepest self.


You will start to understand your inherent divine purpose and personal path, and how they can support your desires in this modern world. You'll begin to fall in love with your own nature, and move forward with clarity and focus, knowing you are supported by the cosmos and your own personal High Priestess.


Sessions are 1 hour.  You'll receive a recording of the session, and a copy of your birth chart with Kiki's notes for you to keep and refer back to on your journey.  Follow up sessions are optional and available. 

Cosmic Coaching

$300.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
  • Kiki will need to receive your birth information (date, time, and specific location) at least one week before your scheduled session. Please include it in the order. If you have trouble or questions, you can email Kiki at kiki@theperlene.com.  Birth time can often be found on your birth certificate, or from your mother.  If you are unable to obtain your birth time, Kiki will still be able to give a comprehensive reading with just birth date and location, but it is optimal to have the time as well. 


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