September Community Update from Sarah Mellor

September is here and there are hints of Fall that remind me of new beginnings and looking towards the future with renewed optimism and ambition. Having a kiddo in elementary school brings that “back to school season" feeling on extra strong. It seems appropriate considering our big plans for the future of The Perlene: growing our community, space, services, and ability to positively impact the community as the ambitious women we are. Here's what we're up to!

Blogger and cook Hawnuh Lee has been a great resource for us regarding “breaking down barriers around living and eating sustainably” and she just launched her new website and is ready to spread her valuable knowledge to a wider audience. I’m already excited to implement new practices and try out some delicious-looking recipes.

Sarah Einowski was listed in this month’s Portland Monthly as a Rising Star in estate planning by Super Lawyers for the second year in a row. To make the list, she was nominated by her peers, because her Super Star-dom is undeniable!

Casey Kaczmarek completed her Master of Arts degree in Health and Wellness Coaching with a concentration in Nutrition. Congrats grad!

Victoria Wang and Lyzi Diamond scored major speaking gigs to dispense their wisdom in tech and programming (at Google and in New Zealand respectively).

Bonnie Arnold just launched her new business that we are all VERY excited about: Anya Financial Planning. Whenever a Perlena has a finance question someone asks who is going to mention “the B word” first. She has a talent for changing relationships with money and getting your financial goals accomplished.

Catherine Ryan Gregory is an accomplished writer and aficionado of all things family travel. Her blog To & Fro Fam offers all the knowledge you need to get out of town and provides adults and kids alike with great travel experiences AND her readership has recently grown in leaps and bounds. We are not at all surprised.

And lastly….another wedding! Jenny Hua eloped with her now-wife Tess and they celebrated their nuptials at Picakthon. We are just gushing with joy for them.

Just because the kids are back in school and the summer heat is fading doesn't mean adventures have to end! Check out this list of six great waterfall hikes within 60 miles of Portland.

Also, membership applications are now open, so if you want to get in on the community updates in a very personal way, click here to apply now. See you soon!


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