Treat your Mom to The Perlene!

Mother's Day is this weekend, and if you have a mom locally that you want to treat, consider gifting her a month at The Perlene. She doesn't have to be your blood-and-flesh mother (we all have moms we've adopted and women we look up to), but we know she means a lot to you. Treat her to a month at The Perlene, let her play and participate, come to happy hour, try out the movement classes, and meet some of the amazing women who spend time here.

This "Mom Month" is available for purchase until the end of May. $200 entitles your mom-of-choice to all the privileges of a Social Membership through the end of June, so the earlier you treat your mom, the more Perlene she gets! If she wants to join up for a full year of Perlene membership, we will consider her a member as of June 1st.

Click here to treat your mom!

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