The Radical Power of Femininity in the Face of Evil

My dearest, most perfect and beautiful sisters:

Today, the unthinkable happened. The real-life equivalent of Voldemort was sworn in as President of our United States.

Emotions are high today, or being numbed by work or Netflix. We do what we must to survive.

This morning, I was reminded by Elizabeth Gilbert of a powerful truth: that without evil and adversity, we would not have the necessity to rise to our greatness, to become more than we ever thought possible. Without Voldemort, Harry was just an ordinary child.

While part of me is just tired and sad and wants to hide under the covers and say fuck off to rising and greatness and changing the world… I know that is not a choice I am willing to make.

The Perlene was born of a commitment to restoring femininity to it’s rightful place of power, to practicing Feminine Leadership and creating space for others to do the same.

Sisters, this is our moment.

To find out of what we are made of. To realize the true power of the Feminine. To put this power to the test. To rise above the fear and hate. To bring fierce love, tender strength, radical beauty and unleashed self-expression to those who would oppress us.

This is the moment to trust ourselves and each other more than seems prudent, to voice our truth louder than seems reasonable, to love deeper and more fearlessly than we ever thought we could. We must be more and lead more than we ever thought necessary.

For now is has become necessary.

As Eleanor Roosevelt told us, “We must do the things we think we cannot do.” WE MUST. We are now - more than ever before- being asked to expand, to go beyond what is comfortable, to take risks, stand up, make our voice heard, demand what is rightfully ours.

Demand for your sister what is rightfully hers.

We are being asked to step to the front lines in places we have previously avoided, asked to create space to include all voices who have been silenced. Those who have not borne the heaviest load are being asked to take on their share, to give our strongest fighters the support they need. We are being asked to come together, all of us, in ways we never have before.

We must remember to not be distracted by the drama. Those who would oppress us are counting on us to turn on each other, and forget the real enemy and our true cause. We must increase our trust. We must take care to not become jaded and bitter, for when we let them take our hearts, our tenderness, our softness, our passion, they have won.

Take exquisite care of yourselves, my sisters. Take extraordinary care of each other. We are our greatest weapon. Caring for yourself is a radical act of resistance. Remember to renew your spirits, to lean on each other, to anoint your bodies, to put down your burdens and accept that you are enough.

Let our bodies be our flags, our hearts be our broadsword. We are in this together.

Forever yours, forever nasty,

xx Kiki

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