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Erin “Kiki” Teal Littlestar is the owner + founder of The Perlene. She is native Osage by blood, Texan by birth, and Oregonian by heart. Kiki is on a mission to create a world where Feminine Leadership is the standard, and all women are living full, satisfying, courageous lives.

Prior to moving to Portland and opening The Perlene, Kiki lived and worked in Washington, DC and New York City. After graduating from Southern Methodist University in Dallas (and a brief stint working in the film + television industry in LA), she travelled alone through South America for 6 weeks. Her experiences there cemented in her a belief in the power of human kindness, and desire to create positive change in the world.  She cut her teeth on social impact working at DC Central Kitchen and Sweetgreen, where she was instrumental in creating local food sourcing programs for each, redirecting tens of thousands of dollars of back into the Chesapeake Bay farming community and dramatically improving access to fresh, local foods. She continued this work on a deeper level as the founding executive director of the Arcadia Center for Food + Agriculture, just outside the nation's capitol.

In 2013, she attended Accomplishment Coaching's Coaching + Leadership Training Program in New York City, and shifted her impact-driven work to personal coaching. After graduation, she joined the company as a mentor + leader, to train future generations of coaches + leaders.  She has trained coaches in New York, Seattle, and San Diego. She is still in private practice as a life and business coach, and runs Littlestar Coaching from her office at The Perlene.  

Kiki is also a writer and public speaker to female audiences on topics such as leadership, well-being, and money, and hosts workshops and retreats based on her core message: How to Change the World by Putting Yourself First. She co-hosts the podcast Emotional Geography with with acclaimed author, songwriter, and Perlene member, Amy Foster


Kiki is a strong believer that celebration + collaboration are the keys to success, and that false humility is the devil's work. Kiki identifies as a queer femme Native woman. She lives in SE Portland with her fiancé, Izzy, two tiny poodles and her collection of vintage caftans.


Lizzy Atwood Wills


After years of experience in politics and making change in Salem, and several years of being a Perlena (she's been a member, House Leader, and a Judy!), Lizzy joined the staff to focus her attention on our community and helping us make a bigger impact in Portland.

Lizzy hails from Lake Tahoe and the Bay Area, but she moved to Oregon for over eight years ago, and started her career in Oregon politics about 5 years ago. She has developed incredible ferocity, calm-through-the-storm, and can-do attitude from working in resource scarce government-land. Her free time is spent mainly on going for walks (wilderness hikes and city strolls alike), baking, getting in/near bodies of water, and doing aerial silks!  She is a Leo Sun, Virgo Moon and Virgo Rising.

Clementine Hacmac



At the Perlene, the purpose of our Houses, named for our Core Values, is to foster intimate community with intention. Each member is assigned to a House that aligns with the values that resonate with them the most. Houses plan get-togethers that support and nurture one another, whether that means a happy hour at a tiki bar or showing up to a member-hosted event. Your House is your built-in friendship group, to give you a stepping stone into participation into the larger Perlene pool. Each House is led by two co-leaders, who facilitate engagement and take care of their members. We love our House Leaders!






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