1. Be your authentic self! Take your “mask” off at the door.

  2. Say hello, introduce yourself! Don't be afraid to ask for people's names.

  3. Be kind + respectful of each other and our sacred space.

  4. Keep voices low during work hours.

  5. Take meetings + calls in a private room.

  6. Clean up after yourself.

  7. Keep conversations positive - no drama, please!

  8. Ask directly for what you want, be respectful of other’s requests.

Work Hours – Business members have priority in the space to work on weekdays (M-F) from 9am - 5pm. A member Judy on Duty is present during this time to keep the coffee hot and the building secure. A staff member is on site from 10am - 5pm most weekdays. Outside these hours, Business + Social Members have equal priority and may participate in any and all events open to members, or just be here in the feminist fortress.

Keeping the space clean – Please respect the space and the furniture. If you move furniture for any reason, please return it once you’re done. Please clean up after yourself; dispose of trash, wash your dishes, etc.


Noise & Phone Calls – When you are holding a meeting or taking a phone call, best practice is to reserve a private space. If you will be in the shared space and/or have a short call or meeting, please be attentive to your volume. 


Internet – Perlene members have access to our business wifi at all times. Please refrain from conducting personal, bandwidth-intensive activities (e.g., streaming movies) during work hours at The Perlene so that all our members can get the most from the network. If you need to use the space for this, please discuss with the owner and/or manager on duty. 


Security – Members have access to the space 24/7, via the August lock + app. You are required to lock the door securely behind you upon entering and exiting. 

Guests – Perlene Members are entitled to two free guest passes per month to bring a friend to an event or to hang out at The Perlene. Additional guest passes are available for $25 each.

Dogs – Well-behaved, non-shedding dogs are allowed at The Perlene. Owners are expected to keep an eye on their dog for behavioral and sanitary concerns. Dogs do not count towards a member's guest pass allowance.

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