House Rules


Offer kindness and respect through your words and actions. 


Give the benefit of the doubt. Hold yourself and others with grace. 


Treat our clubhouse like your very own temple. 


Take your mask off at the door. This is where you get to be your truest, highest, and most imperfect human self.


Don't apologize for existing, but do ask for what you need. 


Don't talk sh*t. We are a community of womxn who lift each other up, not tear each other down.


Practice open and intentional conflict resolution whenever necessary. 


Create a welcoming environment for all. Harassment and unwanted behavior will not be tolerated. 

​Work Hours

Business members have priority in the space to work on weekdays (M-F) from 9am - 5pm.  A Judy on Duty is present during this time to keep the coffee hot and to greet guests. A staff member is on site from 10am - 5pm most weekdays. Outside these hours, Business + Social Members have equal priority and may participate in any and all events and amenities open to members.

Keeping the space clean

Please treat our clubhouse with dignity. Be sure to return furniture to its original setting, and clean up after yourself; dispose of trash, wash your dishes, etc. when using the space. 


Noise & Phone Calls

Be mindful of your volume and conversations in open spaces while others are working. Reserve a private space for long phone calls or lively meetings. Please remain mindful of the impact a phone call or meeting in the communal space may have on others. 



Members have access to the space 24/7, via the August lock + app. Members are required to lock the door securely upon entering and exiting. 


Perlene members have access to our business wifi at all times. Please refrain from conducting personal, bandwidth-intensive activities (e.g., streaming movies) during work hours at The Perlene so that all our members can get the most from the network. If you need to use the space for this, please discuss with staff ahead of time. 



Perlenas are entitled to unlimited guest passes to bring a friend to an event or to hang out at The Perlene. If you plan to bring more than three people at a time, please let a staff member know ahead of time.

*currently unavailable due to COVID precautions*


Well-behaved, non-shedding dogs are allowed at The Perlene. Owners are expected to keep their dog with them and not allow them to roam alone.  Remember than not everyone is a dog-person. Please keep paws off the furniture, claws and velvet don't mix. If your dog becomes disruptive to other's enjoyment of the space, we may ask you to take them home. 


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