Diversity & Inclusion

The Perlene is committed to being a social and work space that includes and lifts up womxn from all backgrounds and life experiences. We are curating a community that is a warm and welcoming space for ambitious womxn, and particularly womxn who are members of statistically disadvantaged or marginalized communities. The Perlene is Native-owned and queer-owned and operated, and we celebrate our members by providing a space that is diverse and inclusive to all communities. 

Encoded in our membership contract are the expectations we set for our members. We have zero tolerance for behavior or language that is degrading, racist, misogynist, homophobic, or abusive, or that which causes another member or guest to feel unsafe or unwelcome at The Perlene.


Womxn of Color

We want The Perlene to be a place where womxn of color feel represented and seen. Our intention is to have our community which, at an absolute minimum, represents the diversity of the city we are in. Preferably we exceed it. We offer a wage disparity correction discount for womxn of color whose salaries fall under a certain threshold (see below), and we partner with the Womxn and Femmes of Color Healing and Support Group, who meet in our space monthly.

Queer & Lesbian Womxn

The Perlene is a queer-founded, owned, and operated business. We are open to and welcoming of queer womxn from across the spectrum of sexuality: lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, you name it. Our roots are in queer burlesque; we are sex positive and identity-affirming.


Trans Womxn & Non-Binary Folks

The Perlene is an intentionally womxn-focused feminine space. We welcome our trans sisters with open arms, and we choose to use the term "womxn", spelled with an "x", to remain inclusive of those who don't identify as cis-gender. We know that gender is a construct and not a binary system. We welcome members for whom an intentionally feminine space would feel safe and empowering, and whose pronouns are feminine or neutral (or both). Femininity can be penalized in the world, and our mission is to celebrate and nourish it. 


Wage Disparity Correction

The Perlene is committed to doing our part in correcting the systematic wage disparity among white womxn and womxn of color by offering $50 off per month of the first year of membership to new members who identify as womxn of color and make under $50,000 annually. If you are eligible for this correction, please indicate this in your application.


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Diversity & Inclusion

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