Coaching at the Perlene

The Perlene is more than a coworking space, it's more than even a social club: it is a space of transformation. We are dedicated to the transformation of your life, your career, your happiness. We want you to be living your highest and best life: that's where our coaching comes in. Workshops, group coaching programs, and retreats are all offered exclusively to Perlene members. Interested in experiencing what it's like to have a coach on your team? Apply for membership.

Power Hour

Power Hour is our version of "business therapy." Open to business and desk members, this Wednesday gathering is a chance to share wins, make specific requests for feedback or support, and get the benefit of other powerful ladies' wisdom and experience.

Individual Coaching

Get the most out of your Perlene coach, with one-on-one time. Whether you need a powerful 90-minute session or ongoing support, coaching empowers you to take charge of your life and business, and achieve your dreams for world domination.

Coaching Retreats

Whether it's in a cozy cabin on the Oregon Coast or a chic loft in Paris, these weekend or week-long adventures allow you to re-focus on yourself, your project, and your mission.  They also give you a chance to bond deeply with other women at The Perlene.


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