We are committed to creating 

a vibrant, diverse, powerful community of womxn who are not afraid to speak our minds, take risks, elevate each other, create meaningful change, and live in pursuit of our desires. 

Our Story

The Perlene was born out of a desire for founder Kiki Littlestar to be surrounded by a community of powerful and open-hearted womxn who wanted to do business- and life- differently. She named the business after her maternal grandmother, a nod to the belief that none of us get where we are going all on our own.

MARCH 3, 2016

On her 32nd birthday, Kiki declares that in 9 months she will create something that brings ambitious womxn together. She did not know what it would become. She recruits two friends, takes $10,000 from her savings, and gets to work.

NOVEMBER 2, 2016

A lease was signed on a little two-story building in Southeast Portland, with lots of windows and potential.  Later that week, the Presidential election would prove that we need this space, and each other, more than ever. 

DECEMBER 3, 2016

The little building is transformed into a feminine fortress, and The Perlene opens her doors for our grand opening party. Over the next 3 years, more than 200 womxn add their power to the community, and we outgrow our space.  

MARCH 1, 2020

The Perlene moves to her custom-built clubhouse in the Fair-Haired Dumbbell, adding a wine bar, beauty lounge with sauna and shower, stage, board room, and views of downtown Portland. It is an exquisite home worthy of holding this community and our future.  

Houses of Value

Every member is initiated into a House, which represent our core values. Houses plan get-togethers that support and nurture one another. They are built-in friendship group, designed to help you find your people. 

Love &

Celebration & Expression

Community & Integrity

Power & Prosperity


The Perlene is committed to being a social and work space that includes and lifts up womxn from all backgrounds and life experiences. This is a non-judgmental space of acceptance.

Perlene Leadership

Kiki Teal Littlestar


Erin “Kiki” Teal Littlestar is the owner + founder of The Perlene. She is native Osage by blood, Texan by birth, and Oregonian by heart. Kiki is on a mission to end our social epidemic of loneliness through radical self-love and community care.  She is a serial entrepreneur, incureable  wanderlust, Pisces witch, sometimes wedding officiant, mother of poodles and caftan collector. 

Clementine Hacmac


Clementine Hacmac is the Hype Queen of The Perlene. Events, marketing, and membership are her focus and she is your go-to gal for a good punch recipe. She has been a devoted part of team Perlene since the very beginning, long before officially coming on staff. A woman of many talents, she is a burlesque performer and producer, WWI aficionado, and purveyor of jaunty neck scarves. 


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